Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October sun

It's still warm even though autumn's taken hold.  And I'm still where I was a month or so ago - nothing will change or come to its conclusion until the middle of November.  As ever, I remain cautiously optimistic and hopeful that things will work out the way they should; with a positive ending to an otherwise negative period.

And with this certain sense of closure, I can easily see the re-opening of the guitar cases and the plugging in of the recording equipment.  It's more than high time; I knew it, but having been given a mandate by the person I trust most, I have to get back on the bike and ride hard.

You can try to distance yourself from various things, but why deny yourself your greatest pleasure; the one thing that offers you pure joy.  To be able to record in comfort, unfettered and with no deadlines - that's something to grab by the scruff and shake down until the results are so.

As I'm always wont to say, you've got to keep on keepin' on - and I am.