Friday, October 14, 2011

Tick, tick, tick

Time to begin dismantling a few items and buy packing materials. There's something exciting and positive in moving, as opposed to the long-faced grumbling of "oh, God; I don't want to do this". In my case, NEW is the order of the day, on all fronts--a new beginning; a new and completely renovated apartment; a new outlook--there is not one negative thing in "new". So this move is not a chore, but a reclamation rather than a passing.

Once I have the apartment set up, it's back to work immediately on the newest songs. I've had no choice but to spend most of my time preparing, etc. but once this is completed, I have no excuses to not create and see these songs start to breathe.

But getting back to my original point--it is time for something new. After the somewhat dark moments over the last three years, everything should be painted with new life. New friends, new conversations, new people--fill it all with hope, you know?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'll keep this brief: with the upcoming move, I am looking toward an exciting end to what had become something of a genuinely taxing year. It's now in my hands and I am, without hesitation, moving forward and if it sounds strange, I do feel good. About me, about the future--there's no point in being mired in the past. It's only there for reference.