Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hot August nights

These last two weeks have been scorchers and I'm as red as a lobster from our office Beach Day this past Thursday.  I haven't had a sunburn this bad since 1996, when I spent a week on Cocoa Beach in Florida.  It's been draining; tiring and leaves me with no energy - not even a desire to write. 

Today has been the first day in a while that's been cool and comfortable, albeit soggy.  Rain is fine; it's made going out just to do the basics not laborious - although I just woke up from a mid-afternoon nap...!  It's also my father's birthday, which obviously makes me a little sad since he's no longer here, but I have nothing but positive thoughts for him.

It's been a strangely sedate time; I couldn't financially afford to return to Memphis, as I'd planned, this past week.  It also turned out that the hotel I'd booked didn't inform me that they were rebranding and renovating and that the restaurant attached to the hotel had been closed in January, so it's fair to say I dodged a bullet - however unfortunate it may be.

I don't know - the world outside has been reaching an apex of irrationality and intolerance; lunacy and tedium and I find myself withdrawing more and more from unnecessary interactions, as I don't wish to be preached at/to.  The less I hear unwarranted opinions, the more I like it.  I have my own ideas and thoughts and I find people have grown into this "you must be in lockstep with us or we'll publicly humiliate you" - this is a mentality that I cannot abide with, so I keep as much distance from those I know who have bought into this disgraceful pattern.  Thus, it keeps me from feelin brought down, the way I see so many others around me.

Civility costs nothing, and yet, no one is willing to pay a cent.