Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Caught up in the carousel...

Finally done with my pile of CD's for review; now I can sit back and see my labors appear on the magazine's website.  Next Monday the new issue with my Memphis article, my interview with Chris Stamey and a host of live/record reviews goes up live.  I haven't felt this good on my creative side in a while - feeling so refreshed that I've begun writing two new songs at the same time - and I'm not sure if they would go towards The Next Sometime Soon or for Beat City Confidential.  Perhaps the most suitable compromise would be one and one!  Most likely, "She Fades Away" would go to the solo album, while "Look Down" would go to this new project.  Either way, it's a win-win.  And having the new Gretsch makes me know exactly how to get the songs to sound.

So, too, has come the time to get back to the gym, full-on.  Liz is healing; guitars are selling, the house is in order and the balance has been restored in my life.  And this would be the most apt cherry on top!