Monday, March 19, 2012

Before I was re-born...

Inspiration is all around me now. From last week to this week, it changes literally overnight. Playing every night, adding songs to the acoustic set--revisiting pieces I hadn't thought of in years and making them work; formulating clear plans to work with some amazing people (more on that later, when it happens). Good, new music around me to inspire me (case and point, the new album from my beloved dB's); prepping for this Saturday's photo shoot (yes, that IS a reality) and so much more, it almost seems pointless to try and catalog.

So I restate what I'd said in my last post--no excuses--just focus and work. Just because I go to the gym after my day job, doesn't mean that I shouldn't play at least one or two songs every night to keep myself musically fresh and my dexterity in tact. I must start to framework time every weekend to do SOME recording and tighten up the songs from the last two years that I like and want to see come to life.

A lot to do. And all down to me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I belong to me...

Inspiration seems harder to come by as I get older, but this past Saturday has left me feeling like I've just been spinning my wheels for the last few months. A performance by and conversation with Richard Barone - the guru, as it were - just re-affirms my drive and desire to make music for the sake of love.

I have no excuses; no reason not to be focusing on the music I've worked so hard on crafting. So it's back to the beginning--I've been speaking with some incredible musicians; not just my Punch Line cohorts and gaining emotional momentum to do this again. So enough of my meanderings. Just sit down, focus and play!