Thursday, April 16, 2009

Points of view

A few things, in the last few days on my mind, etc.:

- I'm not big on following pop culture bullshit, but Jamie Foxx is a racist asshole and a mean-spirited prick. A man doesn't pick on a 16 year-old girl.

- I have to admit--I have a kind-of crush on Chelsea Handler. Don't ask me why.

- In an odd change for me, I regret never having previously bought an acoustic/electric guitar. Now that I have this wonderful 12-string, I think about the limitless possibilities of what could have been, live. Or in the studio, for that matter.

- Vintage Vinyl is probably the last good record store, but the incompetence and (more importantly) arrogance of their staff has caused me to not want to shop there any longer (after 22 years). I am setting aside this decision for "National Record Store Day" (this coming Saturday) since Richard Barone is performing at the store for the occasion. A very dear friend of mine has worked on this event and I wish to support her efforts.

- Not to belabor the point, but after seeing Bob Mould last week, I feel completely reinvigorated to move forward with the new music. I will savor this.

Okay, back to work. Enjoy the sunshine--I intend to.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Losses and gains

Things aren't greatly different from my last post, save for the arrival of my new guitar; some new songs written and the appearance of The Punch Line on YouTube, MySpace and a few other video friendly outlets. I've shared a few very nice e-mails with Chris (from The Punch Line, in case you didn't know) and it's been good to be in touch with another old friend. Saw Bob Mould do a great set last week at Joe's Pub; had a chance to meet and chat with him--all on a night when we got to see one of my cousins for the first time in 14 years. Just a top shelf night. Now ramping up for this Saturday's "Record Store Day" celebrations, which a dear friend has been working on--Vintage Vinyl, here I come.

It's also a day for remembering, as today (in particular) is the 20th anniversary of the day my mother died. I am neither sad nor maudlin about it. I took the day off from work as my way of marking this day. I wanted to be alone with my thoughts as I didn't feel a desire for (what I think) the inappropriate behavior of others when it comes to this particular subject--if you think I'm being cryptic, please ask me directly, but I'm certain you know who and what I mean. Being "invited" to the cemetary is a definite low--especially when you're crass enough to invite the deceased's son. Some people have no clue or sense of decorum--and I'm not willing to indulge anyone.

Having said my piece, I'm now on my way for this beautiful morning--I hear Starbucks calling in the distance...