Monday, September 10, 2018

September song #2

A raining Monday off from work, which is a rarity, but being the first day of Rosh Hashana, I don't subscribe to the idea of not obrserving.  It's nice to have the apartment to myself for a little while; Bailey, our new addition to the family, is busy exploring her new surroundings and getting used to having a permanent home.  We brought her home on Wednesday and she's adjusting nicely - she hasn't had any fights with Paisley or Roxy and she's definitely acclimated to using her box, eating her meals and loves invading the toybox.  She's precious, beautiful, sweet and I knew immediately that I wanted her, after reading her story, two or three months ago.  That she was still available is amazing; we met her last Saturday at the shelter and it was love at first sight.  So it's been a very happy week for us.

I'm still in this sort-of netherworld; the job I took in January isn't what it presented itself to be, although I maintain my position as solid, always present and finding ways to keep things moving as properly as possible.  It's a combination of not-great pay, no benefits, no connection and, in truth, a step backwards in the professional sense - I'm not learning anything new or helpful.  So I've begun again the arduous task of hopefully finding something with a little more substance and higher pay.  At my age, good luck.

Writing has also taken some interesting twists and turns - Popdose is greatly diminished on my radar or focus.  It shouldn't be surprising after 5 years of autonomous writing/editing to have a non-contributor decide to make a power play and dictate, let alone invade work by myself as well as others.  His lack of respect for me - never mind that for two summers, I alone, kept Popdose afloat with content - made me decide, "no - I'm not getting paid for this; why am I making such an effort?" and cut my contributions by at least 75%.  As it is, no one seems to write anything anymore and three of us have begun writing for, which has no constrictions on what you do and how you do it.  I'm taking it all slowly - my time is precious to me and writing for no pay is not something I want to do for the long run; I've already done it.

That being said, my lax approach to the guitar is something of a sore point for me.  It's my own fault, but I don't have any drive and I should.  It's my responsibility to work out but at the same time, my laziness is the problem.  And the same can be said about getting back into a focused gym routine. 

This may sound like an excuse but hopefully, with the cool weather approaching and my injured foot healing (albeit slowly), it may help the process right itself.