Monday, June 13, 2016


I usually wouldn't even think to get on here and be remotely political (or whatever), but after yesterday's latest massacre, I'm fed up with the posturing.  The hand wringing; the "thoughts and prayers", the moments of silence, changing your photo on Facebook for solidarity - enough.  This country has to do two things - it has to, once and for all, put a Constitutional ban on assault weapons for the general public - law enforcement and the armed services are the exception.  There needs to be the proverbial showdown with the NRA and put them in their place - finally.  And we have to, unfortunately, start delving deeper into the lives of even-slightly suspected persons of interest as per the "terror watch".  It has to be that way for the safety of all our citizens.  Vigilance and wisdom may see us through (and that may be a little too hopeful).  It's a harsh new world and people can no longer live with the true sense of freedom a good portion of us were brought up with. 

In the meantime, I'm still trying to come back down to Earth from the news.  Life has to go on - but for some, it won't.