Sunday, March 17, 2013

Like flies on sherbet

It may be St. Patrick's Day, but we also lost Alex Chilton three years ago.

"And there ain't no one going to turn me around..."

Yes, indeed. 

Happy anniversary in Heaven, Axel Chitlin...

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Marching to a different beat

Things just keep getting better and better; there's no denying it.  So I take stock and savor all the good that has come into my life because you just can't gauge how long it will last.  Nonetheless, I keep moving forward with writing and it's grown in leaps and bounds.  I spent a wonderful afternoon last Saturday with an incredible musician who is an equally incredible person and friend; his generosity of time allowed me to write what I would consider my best story and conduct my strongest interview with.  To say I'm very proud is an understatement.  Been playing guitar and tightening up both songs and my voice with a renewed verve.  And life at home is simply joyful.

I'm heading to the gym shortly to physically invigorate and clear my mind for the next sequence of thoughts, ideas and conversations.

Is it because spring is coming and that always fills me with hope and renewed energy?  Possibly.  But regardless, I am happy, content and I will ride this wave for as long as it can be sustained.