Monday, December 21, 2009

Call me No. 5

Five years (and I'm not referring to David Bowie's song). That's how long I've been doing this blog. Amazing. I can ruminate on how I felt (and still feel) about certain things, but that would be slightly draining. I know this much--and I'm not including the opinions of those closest to me-- I have changed tremendously since I began this and it's all for the better. How can you not evolve in five years--or not want to?

I still look at this blog as a release; a place to clear my mind in a cohesive fashion and a forum that's mine alone to ruminate, reflect and rant when the time and mood is there. It's been a comfort zone and an enormously helpful place to self-edit.

I've been recording these last few days away from the office on this well-deserved two week break, but since I don't play guitar as much I had, my hands--specifically, my fingertips--have gotten soft and it's physically painful to play at lengthy stretches i.e. when doing take after take of songs. Nonetheless, I do intend to plow forth and keep at it until I have tracks that I feel qualify as publicly worthy of hearing.

It would be nice to do something different or new in 2010, musically speaking. I've spoken with friends about playing in a band setting and it isn't out of the realm of possibilities. I've had a long enough hiatus from such a situation, so I'm not averse to doing it again. And I would like to continue refining my producer's skills. I know that I still have the knack (or gift, as one dear friend refers to it) as a songwriter, so that will continue as it always has.

So with the breathing space afforded by not having to be at work, I look forward to mornings at the gym, a visit to Ikea, a breakfast date and hopefully seeing friends and catching up while the time is available.

And so here's to another year...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

A chilling reminder

Twenty nine years ago this week, I was reminded that our lives were changed forever and not for the better. While driving this morning, I turned on "Breakfast With The Beatles" (the brilliant show on XM, hosted by the equally brilliant Chris Carter) and heard the actual WNEW-FM broadcast announcing the murder of John Lennon. Listening to the raw emotion of Vin Scelsa's voice was eerie and disturbing. And it still bothers a never-healed wound.

As it's been well-known, I didn't hear the news until I woke up the next morning. Hindsight is 20/20 and it's just as well that I didn't. Hearing it all now (and at this time each year since) just fills me with that feeling of loss I had then and the anger that I don't think will ever go away--at least not for anyone who was a fan or "student" or scholar of The Beatles.

I have had so many conversations over the years about "if Lennon had lived, would The Beatles have ever gotten back together"? I used to say yes--especially when Live Aid happened, etc. But the short and succinct answer is we'll just never know.

He was quiet for five years and then he re-emerged from his self-imposed exile. He recorded and released a new album and then... tomorrow never knows.