Thursday, June 28, 2012

The trail of verbiage and symmetry

I was having a very good, albeit brief, discourse with a good friend/former co-worker as he was asking some of us on Facebook about how we got ourselves writing after a long drought.  The first thought that I DIDN'T say was "blogging" as this was the means to get me re-motivated.  It almost seems like this has become passe, but I really don't care; it's still a very good, healthy way just to get cobwebs cleared and refreshes me as a writer.

When I look back at many of those early posts, they're a cringe.  But they did serve a purpose, good/bad/indifferent.  At least I was writing SOMETHING, as opposed to nothing--as in not writing songs for (at the time) The Punch Line.  These days, I may blog sporadically, but I at least think with clarity before I just barrel ahead and write; now I use this forum as a means to either document the latest happenings, as so much has been going on - and it must be emphasized that all of it is good and positive - or as the prelude to another period of concentrated songwriting.  I feel the latter coming on at the moment, so here I am!

I'm hopeful that my friend starts blogging and lets his skill flow--aside from the fact that he is one incredible musician, he has the gift of the written word.

In the meantime--the vacation has, indeed, been booked; I have the plane tickets, the hotel room, the first day's events set and all the details being ironed out, one by one.  And oh yeah, I'm going to Memphis, if you were wondering...  If you can figure out why, let me know!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

O my soul

It's a good life.  Can't find anything negative or dour to think/talk/write about.  I'm a lucky man.

No wonder why the joy of creativity has begun flowing through me with ease.  Between music, writing in general, going to the gym on a near-daily basis and feeling at peace, I am filled with hope.  Not delusion or fantasy--just simple, tangible hope.  It doesn't hurt that I'm planning my first, real vacation in 16 years.  Fun!

It's something we can all do with.