Sunday, November 29, 2009

Give thanks Part 5 (post turkey)

A sunny Sunday morning seems to be the best time for a quick post. Liz is already en route to work; I'm on my second cup of coffee (a bit on that later) and an idea to write down some thoughts.

Thanksgiving was wonderful; perfect in just about every way. A quiet day for the two of us; we cooked as a team and the meal was glorious, including the post-dinner snooze. Watched a few movies and enjoyed the time together as she had to be at work on Friday morning. I ran a few errands and spent the last two days just relaxing and not driving myself crazy with anything. As always, I'm thankful for Liz, my family, my friends, my health, our home (this month started our renewed two-year lease) and the general joys that comprise my life.

Been dieting and losing weight slowly but steadily; on weekends, I've been drinking "lite" coffee, which is a half regular/half decaf blend and it's helped when I sleep. Plus, "low fat", "non fat" and "sugar free" have become staples of my diet.

There are only three weeks until work closes for a two week holiday, which I am chomping at the bit for. I have a few projects for the first two or three days of the vacation and then it's time to dive headfirst into recording.

With that said, it's time to git to gittin'...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Seen it all before...

Post Election Day and I feel as apathetic as everyone else. Another election where most people I know voted for the ever-lovin' "lesser of two evils". Truth be told, I'm at an absolute standstill; the President and his administration have done a whole lot of nothing since taking office, with the exception of constantly being on television and not being at the White House, working. The New York City mayoral campaign was no surprise and for my friends and family in New Jersey, all I can say is it was a no-win for anyone. Politicians will never get it. But hopefully those of us who do vote regularly have made it crystal clear to our elected officials "if you do not do the job you were voted in for, you will be voted out as soon as you are up for re-election. You will be unemployed instead". That should be sufficient.

Okay, enough posturing. Back to tuning the Washburn. I have work to do this Saturday.