Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend rewind (musings and bemusement)

In keeping with the mindset to get going on Last Stop..., I threw down for a new Epiphone Les Paul Special TV Yellow guitar. Everyone is going to scream "wannabe" at me since my two gurus, Messrs. Barone and Holsapple, use the same item. Okay--your point is? Mr. Barone uses the real thing--the Gibson model. Mr. Holsapple uses the Epiphone Les Paul Junior. This one is in-between. And I'm deserving of joining their company.

I need the inspiration.

I feel like I'm on an emotional treadmill right now. Things at home and in my creative life are fine and good and positive. It's the day-to-day that both irritates and flusters me. I need more. I need better.

Then again, don't we all?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week in review (afterglow...)

More often than not, I'd say that the last week was forgettable as there were so many negatives to cloud the last seven days, but I'd prefer to flip it around.

The tail end of the prior week saw me getting a call from my dad's assisted-living facility, to let me know he was being taken to the hospital for observation and assessment and "you may want to think about finding him a nursing home". Less than 72 hours later, I find out that his doctor from the A-L facility had already sent a letter to the hospital saying he would not be accepted back. After some quick thinking and high-powered telephoning and a wonderful amount of help from the hospital, we had him set up and ready to move to a nursing home so close to our apartment, we could walk it if we wanted to. He's there; he's safe and under 24 hour a day treatment/care, which is far more reassuring than him going back to that nightmare of an assisted-living home.

The work week was grueling and aggravating enough. I won't even bother.

Friday night was my annual Richard Barone-at-Joe's Pub; this time I met up with a dear friend and we had a great evening. As always, a great show--fantastic music and warmth. Had the opportunity to talk with Richard, Bongos bassist Rob Norris and Randy Jones, the legendary "cowboy" from the Village People, who was as warm and nice as anyone I've met in years. Just an amazing night. Yesterday was spent checking in on Dad, groceries and watching movies. Today we were out the door at 10 to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for the cherry blossom festival--absolutely breathtaking. Such a perfect way to spend our Sunday morning together.

So as I said, better to go with the flow of good things, because I still have the glow....