Monday, February 20, 2006

Settled in

The apartment is now at 100%; Liz had to go to work today--I drove her to the train on her maiden voyage as a New Jersey commuter and I did laundry, watched The Punch Line's video from our '04 show and am now trying to gather my thoughts to write something worthwhile.

It is true that moving is a stressful event; although I've moved twice since I was 26, I didn't feel the pains of it until last week. Of course, I also haven't changed states, had to re-shape my life dramatically or pay such extraordinary prices for moving, furniture and rent. I now know this is the adult world and I live in it, like some of it or not.

I will say this--and it was a topic I was delving into with Bob on Saturday, as he came over for an evening's good conversation and beverages--at least here I feel something akin to belonging to a community, as corny as that may be. I belong to a local gym, local bank; work nearby, etc. I feel comfortable in this town, this apartment and now hopefully can regain the hold on my life that had been slightly grasped away from me over the past few months since my change of jobs, etc. I felt nothing of that in Staten Island; only the ardent desire to leave.

It also stands to reason that now The Punch Line can regain our momentum. The artwork is done; with having to (unfortunately) pay unexpected taxes (on Synchronic), the funds are a little tight, but we should be able to pool our resources to hit our mid-March release plan. We're all physically near one another now, so rehearsals should really begin to shape themselves into the schedule and I would really like to play live again--we talked about it and CBGB's would be nice before it closes and some other clubs Bob knows of. Cautious optimism again.

It all begins anew, just in time for spring. Prophetic or just good timing?


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