Monday, September 07, 2020

Time passes (the gardener of Eden)

The summer came and went; it's Labor Day and we're still on the collective treadmill.  While others have let this situation overtake them in a negative emotional direction, I haven't (and I'm very proud to say that).  I've used the time wisely - went for medical examinations, tried to clear out my internal and external closets and allowed things to just be.  To let nature run its course, along with the realities of the pandemic.

It's been a time of changes, both for the good and the sad - just the dissolution of a long-time friendship that I don't understand exactly how it became undone.  When emails, texts and messages go unanswered and you find out surreptitiously via social media that this close, completely trusted friend has moved away and doesn't let you know, it gives you pause.  But as I get older, I don't spend too much time contemplating it - I just let it go.  It's all you can do.  Say goodbye and wish them the best.

There's still more good things to look forward to - that's what I prefer to focus and concentrate on.  As should we all.


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