Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sitting in the back of a car...

Not so much sitting as having to pick the car up from the body shop, thanks to an irresponsible (and probably drunk) asshole, who sideswiped us two weeks ago as we were returning from a night at the theater.  $500 unnecessarily spent as the deductible - but the car is back to being in pristine shape again and runs just fine.  Will people ever learn that driving isn't a right but a privilege?

Time keeps racing past - still need to record more music, especially with all the new additions to the set-up; need to keep working out and get back to my former routines and heights - all in all, things are great.  Especially while planning this year's vacation.

A short post, but at least it primes me for the next two or three reviews I will sit down to write later today and tomorrow, while I'm alone...


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