Sunday, August 24, 2014

Riding down the inertia

So much activity over these last few weeks - the vacation, this weekend - I'm genuinely, physically tired.  So glad that next week is a long weekend!  I need some quiet down time.  Hopefully, some time alone with (at least) the guitar.

Georgia was amazing, to say the least.  Athens was a joy to see and the added surprise of meeting (by chance) Michael from Pylon was a wonderful moment.  Atlanta was exciting and interesting - everything about the week was heaven.  I could have stayed in that amazing hotel the whole time and had a blast - but I didn't...  Even the flights were great and I'm proud that I didn't have any irrational fears when we were airborne.

Yesterday's drive to the nation's capital was another story.  I'm sorry but driving in and around D.C. sucks.  Convoluted and no parking anywhere - unreal!  Thankfully, the reason for the trip - the Big Star #1 Record/3rd show - was perfect.  An other-worldly experience.  And I'm so thankful that Liz was able to enjoy it and take it in since she couldn't last year.  Those musicians continue to amaze me...

Happy and relieved to have gotten home at a reasonable time - enough to do laundry, write two reviews and relax so that I could write here.  I need this kind of relief.

And a good night's sleep tonight, I hope!


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