Saturday, November 19, 2005

Weekend prewind

Great week at work--busy but getting things done and moving forward at breakneck speed. I love it; I feel like I'm thriving in a job for the first time since my earliest days at Atlantic. Spoke to Bob about upcoming Punch Line business; got to get in touch with Chris to set up some band time--mastering first, since it can be done quickly, then immediately set up a location shoot so the artwork can be done.

While the creative juices are flowing, the physical energies are up and down. A dietary shift and I'm not feeling 100%. Not going to harp on not being in gym shape (or in shape, period); time enough once we've moved. Speaking of which, the packing supplies have arrived and reality begins to set in. Two months left here and that's all, folks. No regrets nor recriminations.

Another relaxing, chill-out weekend (or should that be "frost-out", since the temperatures are now 40 or so?) to do the chores at leisure and enjoy each other. Starburcks, Target and then to try out this new barbecue buffet... That portends to be the highlight of the weekend.

Off I go to wash the breakfast dishes.


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