Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'll try to write this in as coherent a manner as possible.

The absolutely stunning act of stupidity, idiocy and gutlessness by XM in suspending Gregg Hughes and Anthony Cumia leaves me reeling. What is going on in this country? When a satellite radio network suspends their biggest "stars" and revenue-generators, it smells of one thing--that XM is trying (and I'm sure aided and abetted by Mel Karamazin of Sirius) to curry favor with the FCC so their merger will go through. This is no moral stance; this is posturing.

It's bad enough that JV & Elvis were fired last week as was Donnell Rawlings (a very good, funny comic) for terribly innocuous lines/comments or whatever you want to call it. Here's a fact--make a joke, you get fired. We live in a nation of ethnocentric pussies. That's bad enough. This is all post-Imus witchhunting.


If you're going to put this kind of chokehold on free speech, don't you think Al Sharpton's radio show (or most of the shows on Air America, for that matter) should be called onto the carpet? Shouldn't Curtis & Kuby or Rush Limbaugh be immediately fired for the things they say?

This is a two-front war. One is the censoring of free speech. The other is the bullshit machinations of two companies desperate to try and win good will for a merger that many critics, skeptics and experts say has a slim chance of happening.

When my XM subscription runs out, I may not renew. Opie & Anthony are funny. If you don't like them, turn it off. That's why you have 200 channels.

Wake up, people. The comedy is funny. The rest isn't.


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