Monday, January 24, 2005

I don't love the '90's

Why is there still such a hangover, symptomatic of the '90's? Why are people still so fucking obnoxious at every turn? Why are they so boorish and incapable of conducting themselves like "civilized" human beings (insert tongue in cheek here)?

It seems to me, the '90's were the decade of spreading-like-a-plague ennui, contemptuousness, dumbing down, flying the flag of "white trash" with pride and just plain old arrogance from people who haven't the right to be so. Not to mention the pole-up-the-ass mentality of the "politically correct" and the opposite extreme of yobbism. Young people have become more lazy and rude, with a chip on their collective shoulders and the word "entitlement" constantly being spewed from their usually gaping maws; people of my age (40-somethings) act like they're still in adolescence and the generations just above us act like Nazis. Not a great surprise why I dislike 99% of the human race and cannot relate to "youth". Anytime I have to force a smile and be civil, it's an act. Don't believe it for a moment (although civility costs nothing).

Bullshit is bullshit; it just goes by different names--in the '90's, it was "grunge", "issues" and countless other fragments of hyperbole. And it still hangs over us like a cloud. A pox on it.

I NEVER thought I'd ever find myself longing for the simplicity of the '70's (never mind the glory of the '80's).


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