Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend rewind (birthday greetings, turn down the heat and other assorted idioms)

Happy birthday to my favorite writer. He's my hero. In his honor, here's another brilliant piece of work:

I learned how to lie better.

There was the time, for instance, that my dad came to Boston to visit me at school and do some business. We went out to eat, and he forgot to get a receipt. So he asked me to do it. He kept nagging me to get the damn receipt. So finally, I told him I did, and that I'd mailed it to him. Of course, I didn't.

When I finally got around to it -- about a month later, after he called several times to say he STILL hadn't gotten it -- I put the receipt in an envelope, stepped on the envelope several times and had a friend write on the back "Found in the Emerson College Union," along with a date. A few days later, he called me and said, "Genius, I got the receipt. You said you mailed it, but you lost it. I got a dirty envelope and a message saying it was found in the Emerson Union."

What could I do, except act innocent and say, "Oops. Sorry."

Pure genius.


This may be the dead of winter, but the apartment is too damned hot; the heat is pumped in at an unhealthy rate so that the air is stifling. Calling the so-called "emergency" help line is a joke as the people who answer the phone are nothing short than rude assholes -- sorry, but no other phrase fits. Had to call twice since I received no acknowledgment on the first call and a promise from the super on duty to lower the heat with no results. I called the property management office this morning and unloaded (without expletives) my disgust at them, their operation and the fact that while we're supposed to adhere to their rules, we can't get one non-costly service provided for as it was NEEDED. One word: motherfuckers.

Otherwise, a blazingly busy weekend. At the gym 8 a.m. Saturday and still feeling the burn today; haircut, grocery shop, pick up Liz (who had to work on Saturday) and make some music in the interim. Oh, yes. Sunday Starbucks, quick shop for Liz and then to a delicious Portuguese barbecue (local place). Watched a great movie and chilled. No more nor less on a late January Sunday.

This is so sad.


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