Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ring out the old...

A happy and healthy New Year to everyone; a very calm, quiet night spent at home with Liz in a traditional fashion--fruit, cheese, bread, wine and the gogglebox. No dramas, no inebriation, just peace and quiet. Took a walk to the nearby yoga center this rainy a.m. and am about to do laundry. A good way to start the year off.

So ending '07 in high(er) style than I've been able to do in many a year, I handed in my resignation yesterday afternoon from my job as I've been hired by a larger firm, which will unquestionably help things for us. The obvious aside, it's really a moment of pride to have someone recommend you and then to have the process go quickly and have the positive outcome. As much as I love my current position and feel very mixed emotions about leaving, I know this is the right thing; the smart thing to do. You don't get these kinds of opportunities often in life (certainly not in modern industry) and you have to take them.

And at the same time, we've been going through a lot of papers, items and the like again, and we've been tossing things out. You would think that between the regular purges and our move, there wouldn't be anything still lingering, but no! Always the files and magazines, etc. to consider and decide on. And as it's well known, I hate clutter, packrats and general slobs who keep an unclean/unhealthy house, so I never want anything even slightly cramped in our apartment. Good flow all around.

This, of course, creates more room to move around the "studio" and record without fear of smacking a guitar on the edge of the table, etc.!

And now it's time to find an empty washing machine downstairs...


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