Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend unwind

I have to admit, I was thinking the week was going to be tough, but I'm happy to say it was less strenuous than imagined. The first four days completed at my new job and I'm cautiously optimistic. I work with (seemingly) warm, embracing, intelligent people who understand that this is a new position (for me) and that there's a learning curve and adjustments to be made. The same thing applies to me being used to my father living in an assisted living home. He seems to be making the most of it, albeit after only one week and as of yesterday, the stress of closing up his apartment is over and done. The carting company came at exactly 10 a.m. and were gone by 12:45; quick, professional and pleasant to deal with. So closes that chapter.

I'm disappointed how my last position ended; I left under best circumstances--I gave my two weeks' notice and there was much unpleasantness directed at me, along with unnecessary pettiness and ill-feelings. I think under the manners in which management handled themselves, I left with my head held high, true to my word and proudly, with the respect of my colleagues for not playing the rude games of management. So that door is now firmly closed. The unfair way in which I was treated, which is well-documented and now known to my colleagues, friends and family, is something not to be forgotten, but forward I go and another lesson learned.

This has been a musical weekend, with "Take It Or Leave It" being given its' first airing in demo form. I think this may be the leadoff track for "Last Stop..." but time will tell. Nice to get back into that groove of recording and knowing you have some good material to work with and the spirit is right.

Most notably, check this dude supreme out. I'm so there on February 2. His music is great; his site is great and his love of history is something I appreciate and respect to no end. He walks quality street.


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