Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Reasons why are plentiful

The above link is a somewhat interesting viewpoint on why no one bothers to listen to full albums anymore. He doesn't wax poetic and only mildly nostalgic on what albums (or, of course, full length CD's) used to mean.

I, by virtue of age and knowledge, can say simply: no one listens to albums anymore because no one releases full-length works of cohesiveness like they used to. The lack of quality artists is the most scathing indictment. And younger people, who are the "demographic" of the music industry, have shorter attention spans than ever. Kids today don't look upon music as a vital element of life; music is just a fashion accessory--disposable and faceless. While it may sadden me (especially me), I believe this to be the simple case and fact. Younger people would rather indulge in video games, texting and the like.

I can ruminate on this for hours, but just read the article and think about it for a while. Mull it over and get back to me...


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