Wednesday, September 08, 2010

So sad about us

It ended with the special someone today. It didn't end as I hoped it would--there were moments of tension and discomfort, but this is what I want to say:

I will always love her. I will look at our brief time together as one of the most beautiful experiences of my (adult) life. I will treasure the memory and the talks, the smiles, the joy, the true happiness I found while we were together. I wish and hope that she will be happy and loved and appreciated and that she finds what is looking for. She is and has always been an amazing woman. I will never regret our time. If I could have written the balance of the story, I would have written a truly happy continuation for us. I never said it to her, but I do love her and I will always love her; it's just now for the mists.

It seems, almost from the beginning, that it really couldn't sustain, so on I go.


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