Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dear diary...

Talking with B. a few days ago about the whole idea of blogging. Most people think it's surprising that I would take to it with such ease or that I'd embrace the concept at all, let alone be an active participant (or "blogger"... hee hee hee). I would agree that it's out of my norm, so to speak, but I have found this process to be a welcome addition to my days for a few reasons. Here's what I came up with while we were talking and dissecting the logic:

a) I think many of us have an idea that we'd like to keep some kind of journal or diary. I've tried several times in years past, but when I've done it and read my entries back, it always sounded so fake/false/forced. The whole idea of writing as if you fully expect someone to read the damn thing--the "on stage" effect. It's the most egregious form of self-indulgent and verbal masturbation you can commit. Thus, I abandoned these poor attempts almost as quickly as I'd undertaken them.

b) Writing by hand was always a chore, by virtue of a self-editing process. Not knowing what to say or how to say it made me filter everything I did, thus taking away the purity of what I was writing (see above).

c) By blogging, the actual writing is coming out as I'm thinking. There is no bullshit here, no on-stage fake "ooh, read my blog" nonsense. This is all very stream-of-consciousness, which is highly therapeutic (re: relaxing) and honestly, easy, since I type as well as I do.

d) As a writer, it's the perfect exercise. By blogging, I've been able to keep my mind fresh with ideas on songs, short stories, articles, etc. This has opened a new window for me to finally let in more artistic air in what was a pretty stale studio. It also keeps my fingers nimble--I'm not kidding. Write, play guitar, etc. It's inspiring.

e) It's cleansing. If I'm aggravated, I write. If I'm feeling contemplative, I write. If I feel like jotting down a thought about something mundane, I write. See "c" above. It's a quick, coherent purge. And that's key--coherency. Writing in a traditional journal never seemed like it made any sense, even to me.

Overall, it's made me a better writer immediately.

I am--therefore, I blog.

Back to the gym tonight. Changing the diet a little. Easing up from the blandness of yogurt, grapefruit, trail mix and peppermint tea to raw veggies, cheese, bread, fresh fruit and a small piece of organic chocolate for energy's sake. Have to start increasing the fat burn/weight loss program on the elliptical--want to lose at least another 5 pounds by the end of a short month.

On we go...


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