Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dozen beats eleven

Time to schedule another Punch Line recording session. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel; it's a distance away, but it is there. Only three more songs to record and we're ready to start mixing. It just seems to be such a never-ending process. I love recording and seeing my songs take shape and life beyond the demos I'd done for them, but the completed project needs to finally stand and breathe as a whole. The plans for the art layout are coming together--Rob E.'s visions have been executed the way I had imagined them. He sees it the way I do--a complete entity--the songs fitting the art and the art fitting the songs. It's been one of the most rewarding aspects of doing this album: serving the music with the justice of equal visual elements. Thank God both of us are trained professionals and did our apprenticeship in the best forum possible (and yes, we do both miss Atlantic). Of course, I still want the entire project to be completed and completed right (re: perfect).

Going to the gym tonight will help clear my mind of whatever negative vibes I've been feeling about the band and the questions of validity, tedium, etc. It'll also put me back on the path of discipline since Liz wasn't feeling well enough to go on Sunday morning. Two weeks missed with the weights, but okay--onward and upward. Lost 5 pounds in under a month by changing my dietary habits and working out. Obviously, I would like to have taken off more, numerically, but the physical change has manifested itself (i.e. the fit of my pants, etc.) and the visual sign that I'm losing fat. Nonetheless, the goal hasn't diminished one iota; the novelty of joining the gym hasn't worn off--if anything, I'm only more enthused about feeling well and healthy.

Obviously, I'm not feeling all that inspired, but hey, isn't February about the doldrums anyway?


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