Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Sunday... uh, what?

Hit the gym hard this morning. I admit, working with the weights was a little difficult, as I hadn't done it in two weeks, but no big deal--if anything, I need to get in a regular lifting groove. Felt great afterwards; a good meal and a drive on a beautiful day. 2 days of 60 degree weather in February--how can one be indoors?

Been a fabulous weekend. As promised, I did indeed pay a visit to The Apple Store in New Jersey and bought the iPod Mini and the external hard drive for the iMac. Oh, and I threw down for a new, really cool bag for my stuff (there is nothing wrong with wanting to accessorize) and an iPod Mini for Liz as her surprise Valentine's Day gift. Since the beginning of last year was so bad and financially tight, this year, I wanted her to have something frivolous yet special. Met up with B. in Hoboken and had drinks and great conversation, along with our lovely wives and was sound asleep before midnight.

I have to say (and some of this is part of last night's talk), I forgot how nice it is to have what one could consider a full and "normal" life. The idea of getting up and out, doing the groceries, a bit of shopping and then meeting friends--it seems like all we do is work and work and by the end of the week, we're so drained, that there's no drive or desire to get out and do anything beyond the necessities. It's a wonderfully liberating feeling to go out and socialize; to buy some little gadget that although not essential, is a well-deserved, well-earned reward. To talk about square footage of houses and cars we're interested in and what salad to serve when we get together at our place--everything I'd scoffed at in my younger years and said "oh, no, never--not me". I was wrong and I love it.

Okay--off to do the laundry, clean up the studio desk and figure out if we want to get anything before the Super Bowl ( Jets, no care)...


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