Friday, May 26, 2006

Out with the old

Memorial Day weekend has always been one of my favorite times; this year is no exception. Plans for a family get-together and (possibly) friends give a good vibe to an already good day. Nothing special about today except for the wonderful, liberating decision I came to and discussed with a friend. I'll not say what it is just yet, but trust me, this is a great feeling. It means I'm out of the tunnel and into the light again.

Musically speaking, it's also been a reawakening period. I'm just about ready to start working on "Stylized", which I can almost taste. For those who have heard some of the demos and have had that wide-eyed look of surprise because they're impressed, it gives me a resurgence of belief in knowing this is right; this is the right album.

Nothing more to add to the tempo of this posting! Have yourselves a great weekend.


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