Sunday, May 14, 2006

Weekend rewind (double down and let it ride)

Still in that "it's been an interesting period" mode. Last Saturday was a last-minute jaunt to Maxwell's, where Bob and I proceeded to drink until last call. Forgot what that was like; a minor headache in the a.m., thanks to the cocktails, but none the worse for wear. Had a great conversation with Lord Jon, who always spurs me on with me motivation and got ready for Liz' birthday weekend.

Spent last night at a well-known gaming establishment, where prior to seeing one of the best comedy shows I've seen in years, I managed to financially contribute to the stability of this fine casino. A night at the slots and the tables means bringing lunch to work for the balance of the week. Ran some errands and chilled out for the balance of the day.

This looks like a busy week, both work-wise and music-wise. One hopes the cobwebs clear by the morning.


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