Friday, May 05, 2006

Phoenix rising... or at least Flushing

An interesting period and a great, but heavy duty week. I almost began to forget what it's like to have a life.

Went to the Tribeca Festival on Tuesday night via an invitation of our rep (from work) at American Express--a million thanks again, Kim; had a great time, good food and (many) drinks--saw a top-notch film and loved being in Soho at night again for what seems to have been a lifetime. All that and a fab swag bag and no traffic going and coming home.

Wednesday night was the first time The Punch Line played together since my birthday. From the opening crash of "Let It Go", it was tight and powerful and I only wish people could have seen and heard us. That's the band that we really are--from going through the album to pulling som surprises out of the air (including a stunning never-played-it-together-before version of "Numbers With Wings"), that was easily one of the finest moments that The Punch Line has had. Had a great talk with Bob earlier this evening and I see the even-better things for the band coming up faster now. Already a gig solidified for November, but working on more things for the summer. File that under "it's going to happen".

Work is busy but good busy. Being organized and aware is a healthy thing. I've lost 16 pounds in the last few weeks and I'm beginning to feel the possibilities of how good my life with Liz is right now (again). Spoke to my uncle yesterday who nearly made me cry when he said (about the album), "I'm so proud of you". That meant the world to me, even at 41.

All these good, good, good vibrations and the power of a Dunkin' Donuts blueberry iced coffee. Can't ask for more.


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