Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend rewind (scream if you wanna go faster)

Saw the Munch exhibit yesterday... just amazing. Beautiful and overwhelming. I still get the same powerful feeling from a great piece of art--in this case, X amount of great works. It's humbling to be in the room with the masters. Loved every minute of walking around the city, feeling alive and energetic with no jacket! Great lunch at this neat burger place--spinach salad for me, thank you very much; home by 5, laundry, a chat with Bob and off to bed.

Saturday was running errands; checking in on my father and Bob coming over in the evening. Aside from great conversation, good drinks and many laughs, the amazing thing is that we came up with 3 new songs in 30 minutes time--just playing to one another new material and getting it immediately. You could feel the excitement in the room, as simple as the setting was. Such a blast. I have to be honest; of the 3 songs, I like "Tell Me Why" the most, as it's Bob's first song for The Punch Line, I'm playing bass and it just flows. Infinite thrill.

Work was fine, but no parking and a massive headache prohibited me from going to the gym tonight (and not meeting with the nutritionist). Oh well. Came home and found our tax return from the Fed, which is always nice. Got some great e-mails and some awesome news which I'll keep schtum on until the time is ripe.

All this and the Mets win on Opening Day. It's a good life.


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