Saturday, April 01, 2006

Only fools and horses

First pure spring weekend and tonight equals work for myself and the great bass-god. That and a chance to hang out and talk, work some kinks out of his iBook and evaluate the band situation. A good period begins here.

My mind's been (somewhat) all over the place as of lately; not in an unable-to-concentrate kind of way but just so much to think about. Between the scare of my father being in hospital to hearing a friend of mine having a cancer scare and being busy at work plus general daily life makes the juggling act even more daunting. The thing is, when I have too much on my plate, I get a bigger dish. The upcoming week is a good one to hit the gym hard, especially since I have an appointment on Monday with the nutritionist.

Looking forward to tomorrow; we're planning on going to MoMA to see the Munch exhibition. Say what you will; I think his art was brilliant and visionary. Aside from that, if weather permits, it'll be the first day in the city I've had in ages. It's still home.


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