Tuesday, December 21, 2010


These daily trips to the gym are now visually paying off, as well as making me feel great. How vital is it to feel good and do something that aids in the process? Cardio today, plus some ab crunching and working out my upper back and shoulders; tomorrow, it's another round of full weight workouts. Being on vacation, I have the joy and leisure to get out to the gym early with no one around and take my time using all the machines I need. And yes, there is some minor "pain" involved, but it's well worth it. Amazing how something unhappy can lead you to someplace positive instead--the opposite reaction of what one would usually expect.

Yet another new song is starting to take shape on the horizon; venturing into new lyrical areas seems to be the order of the day. Tomorrow, after I come back from the gym, the intention is to spend the whole of the afternoon recording "full production" demos--at the least, I want to get "Wash Away" and "Don't Worry Baby..." done; maybe take a shot at "Bed Of Thorns" as well. Having bought some gear for the guitars was a smart and helpful thing. There is a chance, I'll be doing some photos over the weekend as well.

So far, so good--I have two full weeks off from my day job and already the items on my "to do" list have been ticked off, one by one.


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