Saturday, February 19, 2005

Doctor's orders

I'll keep this brief, as I'm physically tired and my throat is still bothering me. Obviously, I'm still not at 100%, try as I might to help speed this cold along and out of my system.

The Punch Line did indeed forge ahead with our planned recording session and I sit here, proud to know that we accomplished not only the items on the agenda but there is a new, completed track ("Second Time Around"), which now leaves two to go for the album to be done (and then time to mix). I can honestly say that I'm still happily agog at the fact that we not only took care of the "older" songs with as much love and vigor as ever but that "Second..." fell together so easily. It was all literally one take for each element of the track. It took me the most tries to get what we call the "chick'n-pickin' " guitar line right--my fucking up was the most time consuming and the guys were kind and patient enough to bear with me. Amazingly, I think we started the song at about noon or thereabouts and finished it by 2:30/3:00. Either way--done and done well---with time to spare for us to grab a pizza and sodas. I think I can speak for the band and say we're definitely proud of this song.

With that little bit of satisfaction put down for the record, I'm going to write a check and lie down as I still don't feel great. Now if the malaise would disperse from within me, this will have been yet another great weekend.

Hockey anyone?, thanks; spring training is starting and let's face it--the Rangers would be a misery to watch, anyway. I'd rather suffer in warmth with the Mets.


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