Friday, February 11, 2005

And the punch line is...?

A beautiful, crisp Friday morning. Nothing could be a better prelude to a good weekend ahead. Meeting Bob tonight for dinner at Maxwell's; breakfast out in the morning as well as tomorrow's chores and a tutorial for Liz on the computer and (naturally) the gym on Sunday morning. Like I've said so many times, it's a wonderful life.

An addendum to my observations of yesterday:

I'm waiting for the elevator and a woman I know says to me, "Have you been losing weight?" (giggles...annoyance #1)
Me: "Yes, I have"
Her: "Wow, it's noticeable. How did you do it?" (now getting physically in my face, which is annoyance #2, while giggling)
Me: "By watching what I eat, when I eat and by exercising three to four times a week at the gym"
Her: "Really?" (giggling-to-laughing)
Me: "Yes" (not laughing, ready to push her down the elevator shaft)
Her: "That's so cool" (bursts in to peels of laughter)
Me: no reply. I ignored her as she kept babbling on about some incoherent garbage that seemed to concern only her, as I couldn't have cared less.

The point I'm making--what's the fucking punch line here? Where's the joke? What's so funny? Christ, if it's one thing that I TRULY hate and WILL become vocally critical to downright confrontational is "what are you laughing about?". You asked a question; I answered it. Where's the humor in the above exchange? People who incessantly laugh when you talk to them genuinely get me riled up. It's like dealing with a retarded/hyperactive/ADD-afflicted monkey. And do people have to get so physically close that you can smell the cigarettes and coffee on their breath or the stink of their unwashed attire? Fuck! Of course, I'm pretty sure this particular woman is on the charlie or at best, tweaking one way or the other. Regardless, I don't care about her but stay the fuck out of my z.o.c.

If you're going to speak to me and ask me questions, don't laugh afterwards because my punch line won't be so charming.

Okay, now on to better and more normal things (versus irritating and NOT-forgivable human foibles). While I can see finally wrapping up a song I've labored over for the better part of a year-plus, I actually have been putting together new song ideas, which I think will kick me into full gear again as a songwriter. Once again, I attribute this new-found wealth of lyrical gymnastics due to the freeform of blogging. It's all about flow.

iPod Shuffle doesn't do anything for me, aesthetically or logically, but glad to hear that Apple's using The Caesars' "Jerk It Out" as their campaign song. Check out their album from last year, "39 Minutes Of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World)", which I bought for the track "Crackin' Up".


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