Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The changingman

Okay, just a rumination. I was reading an interview with an old "hero" of mine from late last year. Paul Weller (who else?). Never ceases to make me laugh--and that isn't a knock against him, either. Just reading how he goes to a gym (!), smokes less and was wearing Prada and carrying a very fashionable handbag (!) (?)--has the world finally been knocked askew or is The Style Councillor finally entering the modern world? I bought his last album and I think I can finally, truly say I couldn't care less anymore. Liz had one word to say, which summed it up nicely--boring. I felt the same way when Julian Cope started releasing nothing but those noise-trance-wah-wah albums. It's depressing to be a "fan", pay good money for these releases and get nothing for it.

I won't get up on the soapbox here and I won't start bashing Weller; it was just an observation--not a mockery nor a criticism. If anything, it's pleasing to see him catch up with even me (!). And I thought I was slow...

And speaking of gym--I'm still wiped out from last night's workout. While I managed to equal last week's high on the elliptical, there were no treadmills available, so I did a half hour on the bike--a standard of 95/100 m.p.h. and finished up with something like 11 or so miles. Yes, I am a bit sore and not feeling all too energetic today, but hey...

Rob E. is nearing the end of piecing together the credits, etc. with the artwork. Still need Bob's and Chris' credits--then we'll really be close to completion. We're also planning the photo shoot. Thinking about the album less seems to bring more of it actually coming together.

Loaded the iPod Mini with another 300 songs. Have to bring my Northern Soul comps to complete the 1000. I have to admit, I am enjoying the convenience of an mp.3 player. So I'm a hypocrite--sue me.


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