Friday, February 18, 2005

Point me at the sky

Okay, so while not at 100% firepower just yet, I don't have that underwater feeling anymore. Worked out hard last night to try and fight through this crud. It did help; certainly, it replenished my energies. Part of the drive to work out was to not only do my body good but to freshen my mind for tomorrow. Leap the hurdle of Friday at work and tonight, prepare for the session. Go here:

Welcome to Sahaja Yoga New York

This is (and has been for nearly three years) the answer for me. Sahaja Yoga will put me where I want and need to be for recording. Amongst other things. When I feel mentally, physically, emotionally depleted, I do S.Y. and I am refreshed. Try it.

As I've said before, the main thing for tomorrow is focus and being ready to go from the minute we're assembled. A lot of work--a lot of it being the proverbial catching up, which is a bad thing when recording. Brings me back to the original frustration of "this should have been completed some months ago". Okay--enough said about that, but as many of you know, the demos for the next one are in the beginning stages, so whatever time (or worse, impetus) was lost with this record can be made up with solid preparation for Always Bridesmaids. My main goal now is to get these last three songs completed by the beginning of May, since we're at the tail end of February and the time available to record is scattershot (at best). If that target holds up, then we'd have an early summer release and be able to play some shows behind the album during June, July and August. After that, we'll see. Another obviously worst kept secret (yes, I know, folks--stop chuckling): I have no intentions of playing outside the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut/Pennsylvania perimeter (if it came to that), but to play a handful of local gigs would be acceptible on a Friday or Saturday night (forget any other time; I'm too old for that kind of nonsense. Period.)--as was demonstrated last summer, we have the capability to deliver the goods (and that was under the worst possible kind of duress). With some disciplined rehearsal, the suitable songs from this record plus some of the new songs give me the belief that we'd have quite a formidable set. In an unguarded moment of projection, I could see songs like "The Sweetest Revenge" alongside something like "Tearing Me Apart" and being quite the one-two punch. So, yep, yep--we'll see.

A new documentary I'm keen on seeing--even though I'm not at all a fan of rock documentaries--is about The Minutemen and confessedly, they are the one band that I truly loved and the only band (at this stage of my history) that I never did get to experience live--tragically, Boon's death negated our tickets. Nonetheless, I'd been listening to them a lot (again) recently before I'd even heard about this film, so the timing couldn' t be better. Go here:

They were a major influence on me in my late teens/early 20's and if you don't know, it's because of them I christened the band The Punch Line. D., God bless you and thanks.

"...We strip our tunes...we jam econo...makes us stench"

Can you call it the big foist? I'm fucking overwhelmed.


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