Saturday, February 12, 2005

When the hangover strikes

Woke up this morning with a hangover, which is something I'm not familiar with--at least not in the last 8 or so years. Had a fantastic night out with Bob at Maxwell's; good food, fine wine, hilarious and great conversation. Could not ask for better. Was thoroughly inebriated singing random Kiss songs while The Jam played over and over in the background. Got in at 2:15 a.m. but didn't remember to take Advil before going to sleep; subsequently, I woke up with my head caved in.

Went out to breakfast with Liz before grocery shopping; the cold, fresh morning air helped bring me back to life somewhat, although I felt shaky until we finished at the supermarket. Liz and I spent quality time with the computer so she can re-learn various programs and have been laying low for most of this day.

Talking with Bob about the next Punch Line album (since next week's sessions bring the start of the last 3 songs to be done for this one); it's nice knowing that he wants to rock as much as I do. Much as I'm proud of get to the other side, I think the next album should be much more of where I want to take The Punch Line musically--heavier, louder, faster. It should be a much more stripped down record. No Rickenbackers--SG's are on tap. I know he's pretty keen on "The Sweetest Revenge", which is riff-laden, machine gun etiquette guitars; with that kind of vibe, I'm ready to lock into working on the demos formally. Plus, with 19 songs at the ready, I'd better start cracking my own whip.

Most often played on the iPod Mini this first week:
"Something's Missing" - The Chords
"Frustration" - The Purple Hearts
"Hide And Seek" - Secret Affair
"Circles" - The Who
"So Says I" - The Shins
"Crackin' Up" - The Caesars
"Stop, Look And Listen" - Belle And Sebastian
"Totally From The Heart" - The Buzzcocks
"Puppets Don't Bleed" - Time U.K.
"Picking Up On Audio Sound" - Flag Of Convenience

Okay, more later--I still have a residual headache.


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