Sunday, February 20, 2005

Storm warning

Now that the heavy day of this weekend is over, I figured I'd take some quiet time to clear my mind of the previous weeks' events, et al. The TV networks are interrupting every few moments to remind us that a "snowstorm" (read: 3 - 5 inches) is heading this way--as New Yorkers, are we a bunch of pussies? For fuck's sake, it's February and that means snow is always a possibility. So suck it up and dress warmly. You've seen it before. Stop bitching and acting like it's the end of the fucking world.

Yes, I made my Sunday jaunt to the gym; felt great during and afterward, which helped counterbalance the discomfort in my throat and chest. Once again, hit new highs on the elliptical; balancing the heart rate on the treadmill and increasing my program with the free weights and (now) some of the weight machines. A quick lunch afterwards, then off to our favorite quality-on-a-budget store, Target. Picked up the necessities; stopped for coffee and then grocery shopped for my dad and ourselves and finally home. A long day; a busy day and I am very happy that I have tomorrow off from work. Liz doesn't, but I'll take care of the laundry and then sequester myself in Synchronic East with at least two of the "new" songs to have for the guys. It's work (especially while still feeling not-great), but it's relaxing and a labor of love, as it's been a long time since I've worked on demos--especially demos for a purpose.

Off to watch my favorite new piece of escapist fluff, "Desperate Housewives". I'm not above it and Teri Hatcher is such a piece of ass.


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