Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekend rewind (heat and dust)

Another well-enjoyed Memorial Day weekend come and gone. In between groceries and the usual household chores, Liz and I had the chance to savor some time together, both alone and with loved ones.

Spent a quiet, chilled-out Friday night; Saturday (oppressive heat aside) we spent with her mom, brother and his wife; their first visit to our new place was a blast. Had a lovely family getting-to-know you dinner with his wife's family near here and a fun night watching movies. Yesterday, original plans not holding up, we did our necessities and then had dinner and drinks with a couple we've been friends with for years (friends I used to work with) and hadn't seen in a while.

One of those weekends where I get to be myself in a comfortable, non-back-to-my-younger-years setting. Sets the tone for a good (and focused) work week ahead.

A musical note aside--I'm very happy that this weekend, I received word that I have the first Punch Line distribution deal signed, sealed and delivered.


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