Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Writing wrongs

I put a posting up on Sunday night, after having time to reflect on what and where my relationships have been going wrong. I said in that posting if anyone thought it may be about them, please contact me so we can talk about it.

One person did. The person who was the main (but again, not total) focus of what I was feeling in terms of friends and whether or not our relationship was real or worth continuing. By speaking with this person earlier today, we were able to do something I don't think either one of us had done before--really listen. For that alone, I say thank you. More importantly, it means you care enough to let me know that we should make our friendship work. I'll meet you halfway and thank you for letting me say what I had to and letting me tell you how I've felt instead of stopping me or challenging me. That spoke volumes to me.

So I retract (where you are specifically referenced) my earlier statements--and I apologize if I've hurt or offended you in any way. I was wrong. You are my friend and our relationship does have value.


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