Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Please explain

There are some things I cannot fathom and refuse to accept:

a) How do shows like "The Real Housewives Of ... (fill in the blank) get on and stay on the air? It's no wonder why the world hates us.

b) Why is Mitch McConnell the Republican minority leader? Every time I see him, he disturbs me. You know he's going to stonewall everything Obama's Cabinet will attempt to do. He's rather fishy looking, you know?

c) Why am I being besiged with questions about "what are you doing for your birthday?"... Nothing! At 44, I don't feel compelled to do anything except go to work and do my thing in the usual fashion.

d) How can people be so ignorant and/or blind to the fact that what Israel is doing in Gaza is simply self-preservation? It's all well and good when Hamas (or other Arab-terrorist based group) sends rockets/suicide bombers into various parts of Israel and kills hundreds of innocents on their way to work, school, etc. on a regular basis, but when the Israelis say "enough" and strike back, then the hands start ringing for the "poor Palestinian people". No, no sympathy here. I support Israel's actions wholeheartedly. Do not write me with your disagreement or rebuttals to what I'm saying. It's my opinion. This isn't up for debate.

e) When did Sting and Elvis Costello become so user-friendly? Although seeing The Police and Elvis with The Imposters playing "Sunshine Of Your Love" gave me the douchechills, I found Declan's interview with Gordon entertaining.

More later!


  • I can't explain...

    Does anyone else confuse Mitch McConnell with Jerry O'Connell? I'm thinking "Why's Rob mad at this guy? He's nice and his wife's hot..." Then I realize I'm thinking about the wrong person.

    By Blogger Freddie Freelance, At 1:58 PM  

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